Solutions to move you forward

Productivity shouldn’t be about how long you spend in meetings, but how you spend that time to move your company forward. Newline Interactive makes meetings shorter so your company can come up with good ideas and immediately get to work putting them into action.

With the use of one interactive display, all the tools you need are right at your fingertips. Instead of using old, stained whiteboards that force you to constantly erase good ideas, work on an endless canvas that has no limits to what your team can come up with. Bring presentations to life with added media and the ability to make notes while you present. Share concepts and ideas with the whole company, whether they’re in the meeting or not, any way you want with the touch of one button. No need for tools that hold you back, now you can move forward with one tool that is designed for your success.

Training is crucial to keep all of your team members informed and updated on the latest information and processes. Newline Interactive allows you to put all training materials in one place that your whole team can access. Training is made simpler and more engaging, leading your company to more success.

You can’t control what devices your employees use. Whether they prefer Mac or PC, Newline Interactive is platform independent to make it easy for anyone to connect and share their next big idea.

Outdated tools mean outdated information and less engagement with your team. Technology needs to be able to move you forward. Newline Interactive is easy to use and made for efficiency. No time wasted looking for a smart pen or trying to figure out what’s wrong with the projector.
Clients and customers expect to be impressed. In a high tech world, you can’t rely on outdated technology. TRUTOUCH displays coupled with IdeaMax software let you impress clients with state-of-the-art technology that works with all the latest devices, for a seamless way to increase interactions that lead to more sales for your company.

Your business relies on collaboration. Newline-Interactive makes it possible in a way like you never expected.