Technology to help you win

The best teams need the best tools to move them forward for more goals and more points on the scoreboard. Newline Interactive gives you the tools to connect with your teammates and work towards a victory with every game.

Each teammate takes their own time to learn plays. Give each teammate the chance to learn the game plan with the ability to record and share every team meeting or presentation. It’s just one button between you and victory.

Teams of all ages expect to use the latest technology to succeed. Newline Interactive is state-of-the-art and designed with a sleek look that gets everyone pumped for game time.

Winning a game depends on knowing how to improve week after week. All of our TRUTOUCH interactive displays are high definition and let you see every move. Get a closer look at each movement and know what adjustment your players need to make to win, no matter how small of a move it is.

You can’t use the same play week after week, but you don’t want to completely lose plays that have proven successful. Newline products give you the chance to annotate and make notes over old plays, come up with new plays, and find other ways to achieve victory without losing any knowledge you need.

Let each player be heard and have the chance to help the team. With TRUCAST, your whole team can connect their devices to share ideas and show what they think makes the difference between a win and a loss. Since Newline Interactive is non-proprietary, the whole team can connect with any device.

Newline Interactive helps your team go from the locker room to the field and on to victory.