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Seminar in India- Collaboration at Your Fingertips

Newline Interactive and Cubix Micro Systems conducted a series of seminars in four cities across the country to officially introduce Newline’s cutting-edge collaboration solution to clients in early November.

The seminar “Collaboration At Your Fingertips” took place in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and New Delhi during the second week of November. The agenda covered basic insights on the Newline’s product portfolio: collaboration display TRUTOUCH X series, interactive display TRUTOUCH UB series, portable document camera TRUCAM series, and wireless presentation solution TRUCAST & TRUSHARE series.

Sales director of Newline Interactive India, Karthik Narayanan was the speaker to present. Starting from a series of questions of audiovisual technology, and led to the aspects how those technology terms were related to Newline’s product advantages.

  • TRUTOUCH X series, the all-in-one collaboration display featuring:

    • Two wide angle FHD cameras, echo cancellation microphone array and powerful speakers. 

    • 8 meters pickup range that allows for everyone to talk normally in a medium-small meeting room during a videoconference.

    • Hardness H7 scratch-proof glass enhance the endurability of X series display in meeting room or classroom.

    • Compatible with every Windows OS and iOS PC. (... Learn more)

  • TRUCAST & TRUSHARE series,wireless presentation system featuring:

    • Connect up to 64 devices and quadrant view display.

    • Independent platform support, TRUCAST is compatible with every Windows PC, Android and iOS devices.

    • TRUSHARE gives wireless facility to non-wireless devices (e.g. visualizer, DVD player, etc).(... Learn more)

  • TRUCAM portable visualizer/ document camera series featuring:

    • 12x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

    • Embedded software controlled by USB mouse or wireless tablet to annotate, rotate, flip, split, video-recording, etc. (... Learn more)

The four seminars ran successfully with approximately 200 participants. ”This seminar was not just  about showing each function of our products. You could see how I used the X5 for videoconferencing, whiteboard discussion, browsing websites and so on. Every tool you might need is at your fingertips”, said Karthik.

- New Delhi Seminar

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