Get the real wireless presentation system experience with TRUCAST Express, a wireless casting app built into the TRUTOUCH RS series, designed to make your unified collaboration fast and easy. Connect to your interactive display with multiple devices, be it a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. Share your screen with anyone in the network or allow others to share theirs in a seamless, flexible presentation system. Newline’s TRUCAST Express enhances your collaborative space while making your connection secure and effortless.

  • Cast up to 4 devices at once to encourage your teams to share their ideas and work in a collaborative manner.

  • Use AirPlay, Google Cast, or MirrorOp for quick and easy screen sharing.

  • Save, share, send or interact with IdeaMax all from one button.

  • Platform independence allows your teams to collaborate with their preferred OS.

  • On-screen moderation lets you allow free projection or control who casts devices.

TRUCAST Express Product Information
TRUCAST Express User Manual

Lose the wires, not the connection

The TRUCAST Express wireless casting app effortlessly connects multiple devices to an interactive display. By eliminating all wires and peripherals, the TRUCAST Express app makes any room a completely unlimited and seamless collaborative space.

Connect with ease

TRUCAST Express allows you to use your own LAN or WiFi network to connect all devices with the interactive display. Connectivity is fast, easy, and secure.

Cast with freedom

TRUCAST Express is platform independent. This means freedom to choose which operating system you use to work and share your ideas. Whether you prefer Mac or a PC, Android or iOS, TRUCAST Express will easily cast your device to the interactive display, making collaborative work more effective than ever before.

BYOD - Bring your own device

Meetings will be more convenient than ever with TRUCAST Express. TRUCAST Express connects your interactive display with laptops, tablets, and smartphones alike for an all-inclusive collaboration experience.

All-inclusive meetings

TRUCAST Express lets you project up to 4 different devices on an interactive display at once in a 4-way split screen. Connect your devices and easily choose which ones to cast, or allow the devices to be casted freely. Broadcast your work and see what your colleagues are working on all at once to make your meetings all-inclusive collaborative spaces.

Give everyone the power to share their ideas

Once connected with TRUCAST Express, you can effortlessly project your screen onto the interactive display. Simply share the display of your own device or allow others in the network to share theirs. TRUCAST Express gives everyone the power to connect and share ideas seamlessly.

Productivity for the whole company without limits

Without the need for cables, peripherals, or additional software, TRUCAST Express allows everyone in your company to join the collaborative space.