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Newline Attended Educational IT Solutions Expo 2016- Tokyo


Newline attended the 7th EDIX Expo, the largest IT trade show held in Tokyo, Japan from May 18-20. It’s the second year Newline participates in EDIX with local Japanese partner. The highlight in EDIX is to show Newline’s simple solution that perfectly applies to education. This time, Newline presents online and offline education scenes, bundling the interactive display X series and IB series with document camera TRUCAM and wireless presentation system TRUCAST3 to create interactive learning environment. During the three-day show, Newline had presentation sessions every hour from 11 to 5 to demonstrate online class. 

In the session, Newline showed 70-inch collaboration display TRUTOUCH X7 with third-party UC software to demo. With wide-angle cameras, integral speakers and microphones, teacher could quickly start the class without connecting additional devices. Microphone array were specially tuned for human voice and deduct noise, and it allowed teacher to speak normally but still could be heard clearly. Using the UC software, teacher could share screen, digital contents, and whiteboard with all students. X7’s capacitive touch panel provides ultimate smooth writing experience using fingers or pencil. Of course, students were able to write on screen with the permission from teacher. Also Newline showed TRUCAM TC-51D for those teachers who prefer paper contents. Simply put the paper contents on TC-51D’s platform and shared screen, no matter students were sit in classroom or they joined online, TRUCAM delivered crisp and vivid image of the contents.

Remote education is no new, but Newline always dedicates to provide the easiest solution on the market. The collaboration display TRUOUCH X series and document camera TRUCAM are the ideal solution for online class.

There was also offline class solution showed in booth combining TRUTOUCH IB touch screen, TRUCAM TC-20P, and wireless presentation system TRUCAST3. Teachers and students could easily connect to TRUCAST3 and share screen of their PC, tablet, or smart phone. Breaking the limitation of space and objects and enable more interaction in class.

This year at EDIX Newline worked with CHIeru, a big software and learning system provider in Japan. CHIeru presented the combination of Newline’s hardware and CHIeru’s software system to offer complete interactive and innovative learning solution for schools from primarily to secondary  level.

Newline again had a great show at EDIX and received positive feedbacks from visitors of teachers, professors, educational committee, and IT exports. Next year EDIX is going expand the show scale for more exhibitors in Tokyo and one more exhibition hall in Osaka. Newline will keep bringing the advanced technology to Japanese education field. Visit Newline booth next year if you missed the chance this time.


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