Angkasa Pura I Pension Fund, Indonesia

The Angkasa Pura I Pension Fund (or DAPENRA), established based on the Decree of the Directors of PT. Angkasa Pura I and legalized by the Minister of Finance.


DAPENRA wanted a multi-functional device in their meeting room. They had been using a regular TV which could only serve as a display and require HDMI or VGA cables to project their PC screen. DAPENRA wanted to find a solution that meet all their needs for interactive presentation including annotation, file editing, whiteboarding and wireless casting.


DAPENRA found the perfect solution to meet all their needs. Newline VN 65” display was installed with an on-board OPS PC running on Windows that allowed users to use the familiar interface and work with the software of their choice.

The VN65 is an optically bonded display that allows users to see images in bright colors and clear resolution in any angle. Users in DAPENRA can easily cast their screen wirelessly, annotate on documents, and edit PPT and Excel files right on the display. Besides, users are able to change the background and logo, turning the display into a signage board.


The users in DAPENRA finds it easier to present and collaborate with the VN65. The non-proprietary nature of VN Series allows the users to connect no matter what devices they are using. The built-in whiteboard is used for discussions and intuitive annotation. DAPENRA now has the perfect device to make the most of their meetings and daily communications.

“This 65” fit perfectly in our wall, and it looks stylish. We love the dual system design as we can switch quickly during meetings. The screen is so smart it can distinguish between different sizes of objects”, Head of IT Admin

Customer Profile

Name: Angkasa Pura I Pension Fund
Industry: Corporate
Country: Indonesia
Solution: VN Series