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Improving Company Culture with Technology Integration

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by Kelly Laws

“Company culture” is THE most important aspect to candidates I meet, but what does that mean? Culture is how the company functions, how employees behave, and the atmosphere. But what is a “good” culture?

Good culture means that the company is functioning like a well-oiled machine. It also means that all team members are being respectful, with a great attitude, and a positive work ethic. The atmosphere is one of urgency, timeliness, and organizational effectiveness. When these qualities are present, it makes for a fun and team-oriented environment!

It can be extremely difficult to find a company with a truly amazing culture. There are many companies that may put on a front but are entirely different once you join. If you’re looking to improve your company’s culture, technology is a quick and effective solution.

Improving communication is the #1 way to improve culture and a way to achieve that is with interactive technology. Newline displays can assist in reviewing documents, brainstorming, and virtual meetings. With tech assistance, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration can take place. Touch and accessories such as the stylus also allow hands-on collaboration that is “more flexible and versatile than a mouse and keyboard,” according to Tim Garber, Newline’s Technical Trainer.

By integrating interactive technology, you improve efficiency which can improve the company culture.


Communication improves with hands-on collaboration no matter location; in-person, phone call, video. Newline’s displays encourage team involvement and investment in projects or company goals. With the right tools, everyone is able to contribute which creates a positive work environment. People tend to contribute in various ways: auditory, visual, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.


Auditory processing comes from listening to input, ideas, questions, and video audio. All Newline displays are virtual meeting-ready with built-in speakers. Easy software integration allows for people who work best by listening to revisit recorded meetings.


The visuals take in videos, images, and written content presented on the display. A clear 4K display, screencasting, and annotating contribute to this style. This helps visual people soak in the items in front of them.


Reading/writing processing types learn by doing just that. Viewing the display at any angle up to 178-degrees, employees have no problem with reading the 4k screen. Additionally, on-screen annotations and screencasting from personal devices give tons of writing options.


Kinesthetic processing happens through physical touch. The interactive display is perfect for this employee. They need access to the embedded whiteboard, annotation tools, and content sharing to engage in their work. 

Newline’s interactive displays can enhance all processing/learning types. Not only does this promote an active office, but a happy one.


Collaboration is important, as it fosters new ideas and builds internal relationships. Newline’s displays enhance collaboration with fast content sharing, real-time editing, and hands-on problem-solving. 

These features allow a group to collaborate efficiently compared to other methods like email or written reports. Fluid technology makes collaboration easy and frictionless for employees.


There is nothing worse than being in a meeting that could have been an email; we have all been there. Employees are happier and more productive when their time is best utilized. Technology, particularly interactivity, can help with meeting organization and timeliness.

Having the tools to exhibit and express ideas reduces meeting confusion. Teams save time with connecting devices, long discussions, and the list goes on. With efficient meetings, happy employees build overall team morale.


As we’ve discussed, technology integration builds morale in a few ways.  There are more efficient meetings, collaboration, better communication, and more. Combined, employees then start to feel appreciated, productive and valued. Positive work culture is achieved! 

Morale is the foundation of company culture. To build on it, you need to improve the above qualities in the organization. An investment in cutting-edge technology fast tracks an organization to high morale.

Core Newline Product Features for a Happy Work Culture

Non-Proprietary/Device Compatibility

No matter your office ecosystem, Newline’s displays work with any software. The non-proprietary design makes it easy to join video calls and work on any web application. Connected Android, Windows, Apple, and Chrome devices work as well. The options are limitless and scalable.

4K Display and Viewing Angles

Every Newline panel series has a 4K viewing display. That makes it easier to give vivid presentations and rely on a crisp visual experience.  A clear viewing angle is achievable from almost any position in a small or large meeting room. Gone are the days of squinting from the back of the room or obstructed views from the sides. 

Built-In Annotation Tools & Stylus

With a gesture, your Newline display can transform into the ultimate collaboration tool. Annotate over any screen and write with the built-in annotation tools. Newline displays come with advanced IR or P-CAP touch for seamless writing. With object recognition, writing is more intuitive and effortless.

Document Sharing

The collaboration doesn’t end at the panel, and neither does access to your notes. Document sharing is available through your Newline display. With quick access to the cloud service of your choice, send documents immediately.



About the Author

Kelly is an accomplished HR and Recruitment Management professional at Newline Interactive.