Agency B and Newline

Agency B and Newline

Agency B provides assistance to businesses and other organizations on management issues, such as corporate strategic and organizational planning, marketing objectives and policies, production scheduling and control planning. The company cooperates with Latvian organizations and companies as well ad many foreign enterprises.


In November 2019, Agency B organized in Riga the “BMW Sweden”. During the event, new car models of Audi, BMW and Mercedes were introduced. To have an effective and smoothly presentation organizer needed many screen s to present slides, photos, data and other facts about the cars.


Agency B needed rent 8 units of RS 86 to be using during the speech of presenters as well as to show necessary information.The reasons that made the Company choose the Newline Interactive solution are the quality of screens, size of displays, price and rental option. Also, functions and features of interactive displays were important to made the decision.


The organizers managed to display information of interest in a different way and, at the same time, keep the attention of the visitors.