UC in critical situations, the ally that all governments and political organizations should count on

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The exceptional situation we are going through requires us to take different and effective measures to deal with such an unusual scenario and carry on with our lives in the best way possible. The authorities are clear about this: it is important to reduce mobilizations, but life does not stop and neither does the economy.

We are facing this challenge in the era of the greatest technological and digital development in history. Resources such as the Internet, different videoconferencing tools and interactive screens, create collaborative spaces despite the distance. It no longer matters where a person is, but if that person has the tools to connect to the World.

Thanks to a massive amount of technological resources, professionals can continue working to maintain the global financial flow while the authorities do their best to find solutions to beat a common enemy. Every day, political representatives across the World meet remotely with their team members and their foreign counterparts to define strategies to alleviate this difficult situation.

Newline is proud to supply state-of-the-art tools that enable governments and other political organizations to save the distance between their members.

Unified communications allow those remote meetings to take place, reducing the risk of contagion while addressing complementary issues such as costs or environmental impact. Let’s keep on collaborating and complying with the recommendations!

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