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Dorelan and Newline

Dorelan is a company that for over 50 years has been designing solutions dedicated to one of the main comforts of every person: rest, from mattresses, toppers, beds, bedsteads, sommier, pillows, etc…


For a company that has always adopted technologically advanced processes for the production of its solutions, meeting rooms represent the crucial environments for collaboration between professionals.

In this way, Delorean want to incorporate a display model into its rooms that could be used for videoconferences, brainstorming and presentations to clients and colleagues.


In this context, in three separate meeting rooms, 3 Newline 4K interactive monitors, 86″ VN series, have recently been installed. The entire installation and configuration of the interactive whiteboards is the work of S.C.M.

Newline VN was designed for an intuitive user experience that evokes inspiration. With more responsive touch technology, VN lets you collaborate without limits.


• Optically bonded 4K display to redefine clarity.
• Easy, one-click screen sharing.
• Manage the scheduling of meetings, save and open files with the cloud and choose whether to do it from the screen or from your own device.