How to keep your business going in the challenging times of restrictions and travel bans

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The impact of travel bans and locked down areas is completely elusive. It deeply effects the global economy and our daily lives both personal and professional.

From a business perspective, meeting your business relations in real life is in most cases impossible at this moment. Many meetings are cancelled and securing the continuity of your business is challenging. Working from home, remote meetings, remote collaboration and keeping the human connection via Video Conference now becomes more important than ever before.

We Newliners are lucky. All our company employees have the advantage to work with our own products. As we have an amazing range of interactive displays for remote collaboration and reliable video conferencing, we can stay connected and continue working almost like normal. Staying connected to our partners all over the world is super easy.

Having the opportunity to work with our products on a daily basis makes all Newliners experts on our Newline products. This way, all of our colleagues take part in the continuous process of R & D at Newline.

Newline is proud to be able to contribute to the continuity of businesses around the globe, to keep humans connected and deal with these challenging times.

Interested to learn how Newline’s UC solutions can help to keep your business going? Click here to book a VC meeting with a consultant in your region. Take care and let’s stay connected!


By Joyce Hoffschlag, Marketing Director at Newline Europe