MMSOne and Newline

MMSOne and Newline

The Mobile Media Solution Kft. (MMSOne) is a company with 32 employees providing individual IT developments.  They deal with such development of corporation systems, research and development of Industry 4.0, development of commercial systems and online presence, which enhance business efficiency. Their technical competence is linked with a strong business and marketing database, which make them highly wanted on the market.


MMSOne needed a productive tool for improving the communication with its dynamically growing customer base. This would make online meetings and conferences seamless without having any trouble with wires.


The display’s appropriate use is supported by a built-in processing unit and a customized operating system. Installing third party software and connecting external peripherals are also among the functions of the intelligent board. In order to reach the most optimal use, several software have been installed on the device.


The main goal of the project was to facilitate office work and increase the efficiency of teamwork. The use of the Newline screen has made the topics of current meetings at all sites more transparent and allowed for more productive meetings with clients. Colleagues can connect to the screen from any device wirelessly and share presentations and prepared notes immediately between them and their clients with great ease. In addition, the interactive whiteboard holds great potential for an IT company thanks to its innovative solutions.