Software Solutions

Newline Interactive Ecosystem

An all-new interactive ecosystem powered by an innovative set of digital tools to help you work better, smarter and faster.

Easily share your screen
from any device

Newline CAST is the most flexible solution for wireless screen sharing and is integrated in all Newline interactive displays. In just seconds you can easily share any screen over any network or use the secure mode for in-room casting. A truely hassle-free solution that allows multiple presenters to share screen, video, links and files.

Wirelessly share content from any device to your meeting room display
Share your screen in real-time from your Newline display to any participant connected.

Share your presentation, inspire your audience

Newline Broadcast is a powerful streaming tool to share content from your Newline interactive display to any connected participant. Give more power to your presentations. Easily invite up to 200 participants in the same room and allow anyone to view the Newline interactive display content from their device.

Centrally manage all your interactive displays

You can manage all your Newline interactive displays from anywhere through a dedicated and secure web portal. Easily control and install Apps, configure the parameters of Newline interactive displays, use the digital signage function or transmit important messages to all interactive displays. This innovative tool even allows IT administrators to remotely support users with voice and video.

A time-saving solution to manage all of your Newline displays from the comfort of your desk

Remote display management solution

Centrally manage your Newline interactive displays and send out mass notifications, all from the comfort of your desk!

Start every video call quickly and hassle-free

With one QR-scan and a touch you can simply start any type of video call from your mobile device! Either scan the QR-code on the interactive display or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth low energy. Through connection via your O365 account, your calendar  appointments of the day are visible. This way you can start your video meeting with only one touch with all your personal documents at hand from your OneDrive.

Turn the display into a more personal device

The ultimate interactive ecosystem for meeting rooms, huddle spaces and classrooms.