Kristamedia Exhibitions, Indonesia

Kristamedia, the leading event organizer in Indonesia, was established in 1994 as an international exhibition organizer. With more than 2 decades of experience, Kristamedia has a unique office network with international sales promoters. Until today Kristamedia has more than 5000 companies under its clientele and the portfolio is over 100 exhibition titles in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar, and Medan.


Due to the concern about social distancing and the spread of COVID-19, the company founder and the CEO of Kristadmedia, Mr. Daud Dharma Salim, wanted a solution to continue their business operation from home. Mr. Daud was looking for a multi-functional interactive display in 75” that incorporates all the tools needed such as video conferencing, file editing, and whiteboarding.


After the model demonstration took place at the Kristamedia headquarters, Mr. Daud chose the Newline VN 75” to be installed at his residence. With multiple I/O ports, the interactive display can be integrated with other audio-visual products such as sounding system and webcam. The optically bonded display was designed with various benefits such as eliminating internal reflection for a wider viewing angle and excellency in performing color contrast in a brighter or bigger environment. In addition, the dual system allows users to quickly access the built-in smart whiteboard during meetings and discussions, as well as switching between Windows and Android with only one single touch.


The Newline VN Series has the ability to bring productivity and efficiency to users regardless of their locations, and it is best to serve those who seek for high quality UC solution. In order to prevent a worsening situation of COVID-19, Mr. Daud is also looking into a further installation in his office as soon as possible.

“We’ve tested so many interactive touch panels before but the air gap in between always gives reflections. We constantly use the display to view 4K images and videos and this VN75 gives us perfect image quality”, Head of Visual Department

Customer Profile

Name: Kristamedia Exhibitions
Industry: Corporate
Country: Indonesia
Solution: VN Series