Newline Enhances Distance Learning

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Teach without worry!

No need for classes to cancel. Distance learning brings your lessons right to your students no matter where they are. Educators who utilize distance learning find creative ways through the use of technology to continue teaching students productively and keeping them engaged in class.

All they need is a device that lets them access videoconferencing software to connect their students.


Keep your classes going without a hitch with Newline

Online and distance learning makes it easier than ever to keep students and faculty safe without sacrificing learning. Keep your students on track with their coursework from the safety and comfort of your homes.

Newline is here to help you transition from in-person instruction to distance learning so that you and your students don’t miss a beat!


Compatible with all your favorite video software

None of Newline’s displays require you to use a specific videoconferencing software. Have the freedom to use the software of your choice – connect with students using Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more!