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Oak House School, Spain

Based in Barcelona (Spain) and founded in 1968, OAK HOUSE SCHOOL is one of the most reputed educational institutions of the City. With around 1.000 students per year, the school has been pioneer in adapting their methods to state-of-the art technologies to apply the Interactive and Collaborative Learning method.


Making its reputation, OAK HOUSE SCHOOL just inaugurated a building that has become a reference within the architecture of the city and the education sector The building combines energy sustainability, ecology, technology and groundbreaking design. Therefore, it needed a technological solution to provide the best resources to the classrooms of this new building. OAK HOUSE SCHOOL looked for educational tools that would allow them to upgrade their learning methods as well. The twelve classrooms located in the new building should be equipped with these innovative tools.


All the possible solutions were studied leaving just three as the most attractive ones. Interactive white boards with projectors, Big Size LCDs, both connected directly to the teacher’s computers, and the 70” Newline Interactive screens.

They decided to move forward with the twelve units of Newline TRUTOUCH TT-7014B, as this 70” solution was able to provide interactivity with full control of the content, and also allowed the wired and remote connectivity to let the students participate in the classroom. It was the most advanced and complete solution of all.

OAK HOUSE SCHOOL installed the screens in regular classrooms with wall mounts connected to the teacher´s computer.

They also installed three monitors in a class that can be divided depending on the number of students. The installation was done placing monitors in custom-built enclosures to allow their use when needed.


The screens are being used by the teachers with students of ages between 12 to 18 years old. The classes have a maximum of twenty students. Always connecting a personal computer to the screen.

Under these conditions, the interaction between teacher and student has been implemented notably; allowing the information to flow better, in a more targeted way and encouraging the creativity and receptivity of students with a much more advanced and current pedagogical methods use.