Remote display management solution

Centrally manage your Newline interactive displays and send out mass notifications, all from the comfort of your desk!

Organize your display settings

Manage device settings including brightness, contrast and volume.

Send Alerts

Trigger alerts or send push messages and alerts to all or selected displays.

Remote support & maintenance

Remotely control screens in real-time for tech support or to schedule maintenance and updates.

Cloud-based portal.

Access the displays from anywhere with Internet access or connect while on-premises.

OTA Firmware Management

Remotely manage firmware and software updates with no user intervention.

Remote Source Selection

Switch between display sources from anywhere such as HDMI, VGA, PC, or OPS.

Remote control 1:1

Perform technical support tasks without limits, controlling remote clients and assisting users. Work alongside or take over the screen – all from the comfort of your web browser console.

Take full control with unlimited devices

Connect with any number of devices. Easily manage all or selected displays anytime, anywhere.

Manage apps

Centrally manage applications wish functions such as installing, uninstalling, enable, disable, listing, stopping, and opening.

OTA (Over-The-Air) updates and firmware management

Optimize software installation, create distribution packages and push application updates Over-The-Air.

Messages and alerts

Send messages, broadcast information, and siren alerts on display screens. Deliver important announcement to one or selected devices in no time.

Device policy management

Impose policies, working models and create different interface scenarios – such as limiting Internet or application usage. Set the allowlist and blocklist to align with your policies.


Display ManagementDisplay Management Plus
Remote support
Display information
Overview of Memory, storage and resolution
Grouping and filtering
Language settingsLanguageLanguage and keyboard
App managementInstalled app list, install / uninstallInstalled app list, install / uninstall, stop, enable / disable, install google play app
Post alerts / messages
Display location
Administrator management
Display firmware management
Power on / off
Network status and settings
Change logo and wallpaper
Side toolbar on / off
Security settings
Smart eye protection

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