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Johor Corporation Limited, Malaysia

Johor is a corporate group established in 1968 with a yearly revenue of US $1.3 billion including several business units in industries such as plantations, oil and gas, healthcare, food services, property, industrial development, and hotels. There are currently 900 employees under this group.


The Johor Corporation was in dire need of finding an alternative solution to their outdated LCD projection system in the main board room as well as for a common meeting room. Both of these rooms utilize the projection system on a daily basis and the projector bulbs require constant changing. To make matters worse, the characteristics of the lamps mean image quality gradually decreases over time, affecting the viewing experience greatly. The management team at Johor felt frustrated by the poor image quality, especially during presentations and meetings with high-ranking VIP visitors.

Johor management knew they needed to upgrade to a more innovative and efficient solution. They were looking for a large display that could replace the LCD projector setup entirely and make daily tasks for the entire team more productive and interesting.


The Johor Corporation found in Newline the perfect solution they were looking for. Upon initial demonstration, the corporation was very impressed by Newline’s interactive displays. They came with many advantages and powerful features, particularly 4K resolution and high-quality images.

The Johor Corporation was initially worried about incorporating the Newline solution into its facilities, as its staff had no prior experience using interactive displays or large-scale touch technology, and feared the solution would come with a steep learning curve. However, with a quick demonstration, staff at Johor soon discovered that the non-proprietary and intuitive nature of Newline displays makes them easy to use for everyone, with almost no training required.

It was then that Johor put its trust in the Newline RS Series interactive display. The company installed an RS Series display in 98” in the main board room and a second RS Series display in 86” in the main common meeting room. The second display was put on a movable stand, which allows the RS Series to be rolled around the company and shared between meeting rooms.

The Newline displays were easily integrated into the company setup, completely replacing the whole LCD projector setup without disrupting the existing workflow. The RS Series displays were connected to a smaller touchscreen in front of the chairman position for wireless control.

The Newline displays were very easy to install and with a comprehensive training session, all key personnel were using the displays seamlessly, pleased with the Newline solution.


All staff at the Johor Corporation are very satisfied with the newly incorporated RS Series displays.

The Newline displays are used often for many different purposes. With a built-in whiteboard and annotation, users can easily and intuitively annotate over any content or pull up the whiteboard with a single click to start a discussion without losing progress. Wireless casting capabilities allow staff to quickly share their personal device screens onto the RS Series displays without worrying about cables. The staff at Johor Corporation is now able to give PowerPoint presentations much more productively and comfortably.

The Johor Corporation is so satisfied with the Newline solution that they have decided to incorporate a third RS Series interactive display in 98” to be permanently installed in the main common meeting room.


“The Johor sales manager and sales team are quite impressed with the Newline displays because they are an all-in-one solution and do not require much time to be set up before meetings. Besides, the IT manager can also save time when managing devices in meeting rooms because it’s an all-in-one solution with very few failure points.”