MSC Technology, India

MSC Technology, India

MSC Technology, located in Chennai, India, is an organization which provides exclusive IT solutions to MNC Group in India and the USA. The company is comprised of engaged, talented and idea-focused individuals. MSC Technology is driven to continue growing with technical professionals in a multicultural dynamic working environment.


MSC Technology needed an interactive collaboration solution that could keep up with their fast-paced and idea-focused work environment. As the organization often holds presentations, conferences and group discussions, they required a tool that would meet all their needs while being easy to use.


MSC Technology trusted Newline to help the organization move forward with more productive and effective collaboration. They installed a Newline I75 in their general meeting room after deciding it was the best choice. As the Newline provides an all-in-one, easy to use solution, no other devices needed to be installed with the I75 interactive display.


After installing the Newline I75 in the general meeting room, productivity in MSC Technology shot up right away. The company uses the display to share and discuss important information regularly. The wireless casting and presenting features make it easy for everyone to walk up to the display and share their content with the rest of the audience.

The company also uses the display to interact with each other and maximize productivity in teamwork. Users can annotate over any content with a single click, zoom in to emphasize key ideas, and zoom out to show the bigger picture.

The Newline display allows for multiple points of simultaneous touch, meaning groups can collaborate on ideas and brainstorm on the display at the same time. With a wide range of tools for everyone to use, MSC Technology has found the perfect solution.


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