Technology for better healthcare.

Make more time for patients and improve the quality of the care you provide. Newline Interactive offers a wide range of solutions which enable you to enhance the patient experience while facilitating a more comfortable working environment for everyone. 

Enable more informed decisions

Newline offers solutions to help medical teams make better, more informed diagnostic decisions. You will not miss a single detail with Newline’s range of brilliant and robust 4K UHD interactive displays.


Easy cross team collaboration for everyone

Collaborate with medical teams from anywhere, at any time, with Newline’s line-up of reliable interactive displays. Stay connected across departments and medical centers for more effective communication and improved service. 

Hold productive interactive meetings

Easily share data and use the whiteboard function to conduct training, hold meetings, and keep your staff updated on critical information. Newline displays deliver a smooth writing experience and a seamless interactive environment for everyone.


Efficient healthcare for patients and staff alike

Newline’s solutions are intuitive and easy-to-use, requiring no training and adapting to any environment. Anyone can walk up and instantly start using the fast responding multi-touch display with your software of choice. 

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Healthcare today requires making quick, well-informed decisions. Newline Interactive helps you increase productivity and effectiveness where it matters most.

Solutions for Healthcare

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“People here have found the X7 to be very easy to use – so easy that they often do not need assistance from local technical support. This of course means that those of us doing technical support like the X7 a lot!”

– Mark Baratta, Computing Director, University of Washington

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