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“Security Benefits of Mass Notifications”

Learn from the masters. Newline’s Product Training Specialist, Ellen Connor, will be hosting an online webinar to explore the ways Newline Display Management can give your team or your campus enough time to save lives.

With Newline’s remote display management solution, mass notifications can be sent out to all the panels on your network to alert your organization to a dangerous situation, whether an active shooter, emergency weather, or any other security risk.

Join Ellen on September 11th, at 4pm (CST) and learn how you keep your organization safe!

Learn About:

An Intel Market Ready Solution

Newline Display Management lets your team remotely access every interactive panel on your network through an easy-to-use cloud-based web portal. Quickly send out an alert to one panel, several panels, or all of your panels to notify your organization about dangerous situation.

All alerts stay on the screen until someone in the room actively dismisses them, letting you know that your message will be seen by those who need it.

Mass Notifications keep your safe

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