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AirNav, Indonesia

AirNav is the one and only Indonesian Aviation Navigation Service Provider in Indonesia owned by the Indonesian government. With 67 branches across the nation, the role of AirNav is to handle and manage flight navigation systems and airports while assisting the audit of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) of flights.


The Headquarters of AirNav wanted to renovate and upgrade to smart systems in their meeting rooms. Due to the space limitation, it was difficult for them to effectively utilized the room when there were so many different devices such as projector, flipchart, and whiteboard needed for a meeting. AirNav was searching for a one-stop solution without having to purchase multiple electronic devices but still able to achieve all the criteria for a regular meeting such as video conferencing, meeting recording, whiteboarding, annotation, Windows OS, and display management software.


The Newline X Series was introduced and AirNav decided to pick the X6 (65”) as the most suitable model. The X Series features benefits that fulfill the needs of AirNav. They are now able to use the built-in digital whiteboard during brainstorming discussions. File Commander App allows them to manage meeting minutes and share within the company network easily.  IT department staff are beneficial from Newline Display Management as it centrally manages and remotely controls the Newline display from their laptops.


Meetings and discussions efficiency have significantly improved and time and money have been saved due to the outcome that X6 brought in. AirNav never need to buy markers because of the smart whiteboard; external devices and messy cables are forever gone as well because of the built-in camera and microphones that simplify the complex preparation of video conferencing. Newline Cast also allows presenters to throw their contents on the display wirelessly and effortlessly. In addition, users can store and access data wherever they want to, taking the advantages of the Newline X above and beyond.

“The Newline X6 totally gives our brand-new meeting rooms a sharper look with elegance. For us, the IT guys, being able to manage and control the display is critical because we have 67 locations in Indonesia”, Senior IT Specialist