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Texas A&M University, USA

Texas A&M University is the 4th largest university in the United States. The College of Engineering is the largest on campus, with over 350 faculty members and more than 15,000 engineering students across 14 departments.


Texas A&M University has a complex environment with students and teachers spread across a large campus and statewide network, making it hard to collaborate easily. Everyone uses something different, including students who would collaborate with experts or other students on projects. The College of Engineering wanted a non-proprietary system that would let anyone use the software of their preference. They were also looking for a video-conferencing solution that would reduce the time and costs spent to bring grad students and other experts to campus.


Multiple TRUTOUCH X5 and X7 unified collaboration systems were integrated into conference rooms and study rooms across campus. The durability and intuitive design of the TRUFlat technology touchscreen lets students be hands on and collaborate with their peers and the faculty without the need for training. With a powerful, non-proprietary on-board computer, anyone can plug in their preferred device and quickly communicate, collaborate and efficiently run a meeting or study session.


The IT team at Texas A&M loved the non-proprietary nature of the TRUTOUCH X Series displays. Students and faculty alike could quickly access their preferred software and connect using any device they wanted, instead of being limited to a single software solution. Their ability to communicate with grad students and experts all over the world with the powerful all-in-one collaboration system saved them time and money. Instead of standardizing the software, the IT team at Texas A&M plans to use the TRUTOUCH X7 as the standard throughout campus classrooms and meeting rooms.