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Needville Independent School District, USA

The Needville Independent School District provides quality instruction for over 3,000 students at all grade levels. Their mission is to challenge and prepare these students for a successful life with essential academic skills.


After years of using proprietary interactive whiteboards, Needville Independent School District decided it would be a good time to shift to interactive flat panel displays. Their previous solution had been complicated and took time for teachers to learn and use comfortably. This time around, Needville ISD wanted a solution that would let their teachers use the instructional software of their choice for lessons. Any new interactive solution they chose when need to be simple and easy for anyone to use in any classroom.


Newline’s TRUTOUCH was chosen to be the best fit for Needville ISD’s requirements. Newline believes products should be simple and easy to use, and the TRUTOUCH is no exception, requiring no training before being able to interact with the screen. Every TRUTOUCH is also nonproprietary, letting teachers use any software they wish, and allowing them to connect external devices, either Windows PCs, Macbooks, or even Chromebooks. The backlit LED touchscreen gives TRUTOUCH an industry leading brightness and clarity that keeps students engaged.


TRUTOUCH impressed teachers with its ease of integration into the classroom. With one finger, teachers could use the built-in operating system to take notes over anything on the screen, including instructional software like Oktopus. Class lessons were more interactive, with students able to get up and interact directly with the TRUTOUCH in groups thanks to multi-touch technology. If teachers or IT staff had any questions about the TRUTOUCH display, Newline’s technical support staff was able to guide them to getting the most out of their display.