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JnR Law Firm, Indonesia

JnR Law Firm is an elite litigation law firm that represents clients throughout Indonesia in a broad range of real estate, business, insurance, commercial, foreclosure, and criminal law matters.


JnR Law Firm moved to a new office building in May 2019 but had a traditional set up including video conferencing codecs, projector, traditional whiteboard, projection screen and flipchart, and many markers for brainstorming purposes. They needed an all-in-one solution which could fulfil their requirements – video conferencing, PPT presentation, whiteboarding, and annotation – as well as make the meeting room looks more professional for receiving important VIP customers.


JnR put their trust in Newline X Series. They chose the X9, a powerful all-in-one unified collaboration interactive display in 86” that incorporates all the tools needed for collaboration and video conferencing.

As an all-in-one solution, the X9 comes with two built-in cameras, a microphone array, and powerful speakers that allow video, voice and sound to be picked up no matter where you are seated in the room. Sound and human voice is delivered clearly, even to those sitting further in the back or hard of hearing.

With a built-in Windows/Android dual system, users used the Android system, or switch to the Windows PC and install different video conferencing software to match their clients’ preferences, including Skype for Business, ZOOM, Teams, and Cisco Webex Meetings. The built-in whiteboard is a powerful solution which allows for intuitive collaborative and brainstorming sessions. Users can also freely annotate over any content without interrupting the flow of the meeting.


With the Newline X9, the lawyers at JnR can easily conduct video conferencing calls without bringing their own laptops. Presenters can mirror their contents on the display wirelessly and effortlessly with Newline Cast. Meeting discussions have become so much easier with object recognition on the whiteboard and on-Screen annotation. Even during the COVID-19 lockdown, JnR is still able to continue with their lawsuit case meetings with their clients.

“We love this display. I am sorry, it’s not just a display. It is in fact more than what we thought it would bring to us. This touch display allows us to improve our meeting efficiency and productivity” – Senior Solicitor.