EIFFAGE Energía, Spain

Eiffage is a multinational company specialized in electric infrastructure, installations, maintenance, renewable energies, electromedicine, construction, and civil works, with more than 40 national and international subsidiaries and over 3,300 employees.


Eiffage is the third largest company in France and the fifth largest company in Europe, with 9 subsidiaries, 4 distributed around the world and 5 located in Spain, where it has its headquarters in the city of Albacete. Due to Eiffage’s great growth, the company found it necessary to renew its offices. They contacted Newline Interactive aiming to integrate a new kind of solution that would allow better communication among employees from different subsidiaries and offices in a more agile, simple, dynamic and multifunctional way.


Newline Interactive offered Eiffage a solution that meets all their needs. Different touch screens were integrated in their daily work routine to facilitate “anywhere, anytime” connection among people in the company. In total, 5 X Series, 4 VN Series and 1 UB Series touchscreens were placed in different spaces around the facilities, such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, manager offices and warehouses. All devices come with a built-in OPS PC running Windows to ensure the company’s collaboration is as dynamic and intuitive as possible. Anyone can install any kind of applications without the need of training or previous knowledge.


This solution provided by Newline has allowed all employees who work in the Spanish headquarters of Eiffage to smoothly communicate with all the other subsidiaries and offices in Spain. With Newline displays, people can collaborate on-site or remotely using their favorite collaboration software and video conferencing tools. After the successful integration of the touch screens in the different Spanish subsidiaries of Eiffage Group, the company is planning to implement the new solution in other Spanish offices.

Customer Profile

Name: EIFFAGE Energía
Industry: Corporate
Country: Spain
Solution: TRUTOUCH X series