Hayagrivar Vidyaashram School, India

Hayagrivar Vidyaashram, located in the Tamil Nadu region of India, is a school which aims to teach students a modern curriculum interlaced with traditional values. With this philosophy, the school nurtures and educates its children to prepare them for the most competitive environments.


In order to modernize the school, special effort was being put into integrating the latest technology in both the teaching and learning process. The benefits needed to be significant for both teachers and students.

Hayagrivar Vidyaashram was considering upgrading from a traditional blackboard to an interactive whiteboard with projector setup. The traditional writing board left no space for interaction and creativity. However, teachers worried about calibration problems, broken light bulbs, and shadows on the boards during lessons, and the maintenance cost was too high for a solution that is already outdated.

The school knew they needed to upgrade to more advanced technology that would allow the students to follow lessons easily while staying engaged and entertained. Teachers also wanted to be able to plan lessons with ease and without limits.


Hayagrivar Vidyaashram found the perfect solution in Newline’s innovative lineup of interactive displays. They installed 5 Newline I75 displays across their classrooms. As the I75 is an all-in-one interactive display bundled with all features necessary, no other devices needed to be installed with it.

The teachers at Hayagrivar Vidyaashram use the Newline display to plan and carry out lessons in a simple and intuitive manner. Teachers can use the familiar Windows OS for all the programs and functionalities available on a regular PC, which makes their job a lot easier.


The school was very impressed with the Newline display and knew they had made the right decision. Teachers learned to use the display very quickly and incorporated it into the lessons with ease to the benefit of everyone.

Students love learning and working with the Newline display, making it very easy to keep them interested in the topic and engaged throughout the class. Simultaneous multi-touch support means several students can interact with the display at the same time, facilitating teamwork and encouraging cooperation.

The 4K UHD display allows videos and content to be cast bright and clear, and with powerful built-in speakers, students can see and hear perfectly from anywhere in the classroom. Features like live map interaction, annotation, and whiteboarding are used daily.

Customer Profile

Name: Hayagrivar Vidyaashram
Industry: Education
Country: India
Solution: I75