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Akshardham Central School, India

Akshardham Central School is an elementary school in the Tamil Nadu region of India. The school believes in developing each individual student into a global citizen full of knowledge, compassion, and leadership. Students at Akshardham Central are empowered to face challenges, understand our world and improve conditions for local and global communities.


Akshardham Central School was very keen about upgrading their educational technology to an interactive solution that would help transform the way they teach. Their ideal solution needed to have an intuitive interface and be easy for teachers to use without extensive training.

The school was looking for an all-in-one solution that would eliminate the maintenance cost of external devices, as well as the time spent learning how to use and fix them. The staff was looking for a solution with all the tools necessary for teaching built-in, such as projection capabilities, speakers, and WiFi connectivity.


The school chose the Newline RS Series display as its perfect solution. With its intuitive and customizable user interface, powerful whiteboard and wide range of built-in gadgets, the RS Series was exactly what Akshardham Central School was looking for.

9 units of the RS Series display in 65” were installed in different classrooms across the school. No other devices needed to be integrated into the setup, as the RS Series provides teachers and students alike with all the tools necessary for an improved educational experience.


All the teachers and students at Akshardham Central School are impressed with the RS Series and enjoy working with it. The 4K UHD display allows everyone to see the screen clearly, and the 20 points of touch support lets multiple students work on the display simultaneously for more effective teamwork.

With the on-board OPS PC, teachers can choose to work on the familiar Windows system and run the software of their choice. The Android interface can also be used intuitively for quick access to the whiteboard, internet browser, and multiple gadgets.

Thanks to intelligent Object Recognition, the RS Series display differentiates between fingers, styluses and palms to react as a marker, thin pen or eraser. This makes interactivity on the built-in whiteboard very intuitive and interesting for both teachers and students, who experience lessons filled with more fun and productivity than ever before.

The teachers at Akshardham Central School are completely satisfied with the RS Series display and feel that the student interest towards classroom sessions has greatly improved