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Hamilton County School District, USA

Florida‘s Hamilton County School District serves over 2,000 students all across Hamilton County. HCSD commits themselves to providing the best educational experience for all of their students.


Hamilton County School District was in the market for new educational technology that could help transform their classrooms. Their ideal solution would be easy for teachers to use without extensive training and without an overly complex interface. Any solution they chose needed to be non-proprietary so teachers could use their existing favorite devices and software.


Newline’s TRUTOUCH interactive display met all of Hamilton County School District’s requirements. Every TRUTOUCH display is designed with ease of use in mind, making interacting with the display intuitive and simple. Being a non-proprietary display, the TRUTOUCH works with any software and hardware the teachers might want to use. With ample input and output ports, TRUTOUCH connects to Windows PCs, Macbooks, and even Chromebooks.


Teachers felt more comfortable and encouraged to integrate the interactive display into their daily lessons. Because the TRUTOUCH was simple and easy to use, teachers did not feel that they needed extensive training before using the display. Connecting their preferred devices and using their existing software was easy and let teachers quickly form more cohesive lesson plans.