Xunta De Galicia, Spain

Xunta de Galicia is the collegiate governing body of the Spanish Autonomous Community of Galicia. CAFI Galicia is the Autonomous Training and Innovation Centre.


CAFI, located in the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela, and various CFR (Resources and Training Centers) are distributed all over the Autonomous Community of Galicia. These centers needed a solution that would allow them to hold lectures and teach in a more interactive way. The CFRs are important centers for teachers, as it is where training courses are developed along with other activities for instructors. Almost every teacher in Galicia has received training in one of these centers.


CAFI chose the Newline TRUTOUCH VN Series 86” screens due to their large size, wide range of special features, ease for use and robustness, important qualities necessary for the educational centers. This solution helps lecturers and attendees make courses more dynamic and engaging.

The 4K resolution of these screens makes it possible to leave all the lights of the room on without losing any detail due to its optical bonding technology, which allows images to be seen clearly and accurately from any angle and distance.

VN Series allows users to share content wirelessly from a computer or any other device, allowing annotation, highlighting, erasing, and the moving of content. Furthermore, the super responsive touch technology makes classes more intuitive and allows up to twenty people to work on the screen at the same time.


After a short training, all users were ready to teach their subjects easily with the Newline displays. The ease of use of this solution allows users to work easily and speeds up the results.

Customer Profile

Name: Xunta De Galicia
Industry: Public Sector
Country: Spain
Solution: TRUTOUCH series