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PT Surveyor, Indonesia

PT Surveyor Indonesia is an Indonesian state-owned enterprise engaged in surveys, inspections and consultations.


PT Surveyor Indonesia had a renovation plan for their VVIP meeting room. Previously, the VVIP meeting room had a more outdated, classic design and the organization wanted it to be renovated with an innovative smart meeting room design.

As one of the important components of a smart meeting rooms is an interactive display, PT Surveyor knew they needed to incorporate one of the best solutions into their VVIP meeting room. The users of the VVIP meeting room were looking for an interactive display which could be used for on-screen collaboration, video conferences, and browsing the web easily on the big screen. As opposed to a large TV screen, they were hoping to find a solution which would support interactive group projects and collaboration as well as fit perfectly into the smart meeting room design.


PT Surveyor found the perfect solution to meet all their needs in the Newline VN Series 86” display. Its wide range of collaborative and interactive features meet all the needs of users, creating a productive and effective environment during meetings in the VVIP room.

The VN Series display was installed with an on-board OPS PC running on Windows in order to allow users to use the familiar interface and work with the software of their choice. Attendees can seamlessly browse the internet and hold video conferences via Skype, Zoom, or any other video conferencing software they prefer.

The built-in whiteboard is a powerful solution which allows for intuitive collaborative and brainstorming sessions. Users can also freely annotate over any content without interrupting the flow of the meeting.


The VN Series display has met all the needs of the users at PT Surveyor and exceeded expectations. Users are happy with the results the VN Series provides and are recommending Newline displays to other divisions in the office.

“Newline is a cool and easy-to-use interactive product that makes meeting activities run effectively and efficiently.” – IT staff