Fiscal Policy Agency, Indonesia

The Fiscal Policy Agency (Badan Kebijakan Fiskal) is part of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. It is a supporting element in the Ministry of Finance which has the task of carrying out analyses in the field of fiscal policy.


The Fiscal Policy Agency had already been using interactive displays in their day-to-day operations and were familiar with the many benefits these represent for the workspace. However, they found themselves not completely satisfied with the features and were looking for a new solution with superior performance.

With recent plans to upgrade conference and meeting rooms, the IT Administration of the Fiscal Policy Agency outlined the necessary features of the ideal solution: a dual-system display with video conferencing capabilities, wireless screen sharing, and central management for multiple displays.


The Fiscal Policy Agency found the perfect solution to be the Newline X Series, a line of all-in-one interactive displays that meets all the requirements listed by the organization.

The Newline X6 in 65” was chosen, an appropriate size for their large conference rooms. With two cameras, a microphone array and powerful speakers, all seamlessly integrated into the interactive display, users are able to just walk into the room and get any meeting started. Management can easily use the X6 to conduct video conferencing calls, without having to bring laptops or other personal devices.

On the Android system, staff can use the built-in whiteboard during meetings, discussions and brainstorming sessions. A single click takes them to the Windows OS running on the on-board OPS PC. This dual system allows the Fiscal Policy Agency to work without restrictions. Users can access all their favorite Windows software plus open, edit and save Microsoft Office and PDF files right onto the display.

Furthermore, with the Newline Display Management solution, IT admins can centrally manage all of the organization’s Newline displays from the comfort of their computer.


The entire staff at the Fiscal Policy Agency is very pleased with the upgrade to the Newline X6 interactive display. Meetings and discussions have become much easier with the intelligent Object Recognition feature of the display. Writing on the built-in whiteboard is incredibly intuitive, and users do not need proprietary pens to write on it – they can use fingers, pens and palms and the board recognizes each as a pen, marker and eraser. Additionally, users can quickly switch between the Windows and Android systems and annotate over any content on any page, not just the whiteboard.

For video conferencing, the two built-in cameras with angle adjustment capabilities mean that all video calls, whether with 2 people or 20 people in a meeting room, can all be clearly captured. Powerful speakers allow a room of up to 30 people to hear the audio clearly during a video or audio call.

Lastly, the Optical Bonding of the X Series display brings the overall visual experience to another level. Ministers sitting at the very back of the room can still see the 65” X6 clearly during meetings and conferences.

“The Newline X6 provides a wow-factor and stunning visual experience, which I would say is the best interactive display image quality I have seen so far. My guys know how to use it easily because it feels like looking at a 65” touch-enabled Windows laptop.” – Deputy Minister

Customer Profile

Name: Fiscal Policy Agency
Industry: Public Sector
Country: Indonesia
Solution: X Series