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ENAIRE is an aerial navigation and aeronautic information services supplier in Spain. It is the fourth largest supplier in Europe by traffic volume and one of the most important worldwide.


ENAIRE was looking for a educational device which would give their presentations an added value. The company wanted a solution for more effective employee training and internal meetings and presentations. ENAIRE needed an all-in-one multimedia solution; a unique device that would allow them to play videos, offer solutions, hold discussions and talk about new procedures in a simple and engaging to facilitate interaction among participants.


ENAIRE found the perfect solution with the Newline TRUTOUCH X Series and VN Series. In total, nine interactive displays were installed throughout the three different spaces of the company to cover all their needs, from carrying out meetings to the training and teaching activities for specialists and professionals. With the Newline solutions, the control tower, the manager’s office and the functional hall all have multifunctional solutions with the best software tools integrated to carry out the daily activities of the company.


Newline interactive displays have allowed ENAIRE to communicate in the most effective and collaborative ways possible. The optical bonding technology used in the X Series and VN Series displays offers a 178° angle vision and a more responsive touch with superior accuracy. Furthermore, the X Series display has two built-in wide-angle cameras and a microphone array with noise reduction and echo cancellation, ensuring meetings are productive and effective.

VN Series provides all necessary features for all of the rooms in which the interactive displays are located, with a slim and lightweight efficient design. With Newline interactive displays, ENAIRE has the perfect devices to make the most of their training activities and teamwork.