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Gene B Glick, USA

Gene B Glick is an apartment management company covering over 20,000 apartment complexes across 11 states. They strive to distinguish themselves in the industry by maintaining a high level of customer service.


Gene B. Glick Company focuses on maintaining the highest standard of customer service among their team through extensive and continuous training sessions. With over 20,000 apartment units to manage, training their extensive team of employees is a critical part of the process to keep everyone up to speed on any new policies and various developments in each community. Video conferencing with vendors across all 11 states required a solution that provided clear and instant communication between the Glick Company and their numerous business partners.


Several conference and meeting rooms in Gene B. Glick offices got a remodel, complete with several TRUTOUCH X Series Unified Collaboration Systems. With the top and bottom built-in 1080p wide angle cameras, and the 4-element microphone array with echo-canceling and noise reduction technology, the TRUTOUCH X Series provided quality video conference sound and video to everyone in the meeting. The non-proprietary nature of the TRUTOUCH X Series also let the team use the software they needed, without limitations, and without forcing them to learn a whole new system.


By integrating the TRUTOUCH X Series Unified Collaboration Systems into their offices, Gene B. Glick brought their training to a new level. Being able to use the software they needed allowed them to pull up training documents with ease and annotate directly over their presentations to highlight the most important information. Prospective partners are impressed by the sleek design of the TRUTOUCH and the touch screen’s high quality resolution keeps everyone engaged during meeting. The ability for clear and consistent video conferencing saved paper and, most importantly, time for all involved.