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Denison Parking, USA

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Denison Parking has been providing “best in class” parking services and solutions since the 1920s. Denison continues to help lead the industry of self-parking solutions. Currently they have 48 offices across the United States.


After moving their Indianapolis headquarters to the historic Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce Building, Denison Parking needed a reliable way to communicate with their teams of employees all across the nation. Their boardroom’s pre-existing cabinetry was better suited for 20th century technology, forcing them to use a pull down screen, a projector, and an outdated phone system. As a leader in the industry, Denison Parking wanted to bring their facility into the 21st century.


With the help of a knowledgeable carpenter to provide a more tech-friendly shelving unit, a TRUTOUCH X7 unified collaboration system was dispatched and placed into the main boardroom. The X7 allowed Denison Parking to collaborate with any of their offices, no matter what device or system that particular office used. The two 1080p wide angle cameras and microphone array with echo cancellation and noise reduction produced clear picture and sound for both teams. The easy to use system gave their team the power to write notes comfortably on the state-of-the-art touchscreen.


Newline’s TRUTOUCH X7 made virtual meetings among the company’s management teams easier, allowing Denison Parking to continue planning and guiding their company’s future. The all-in-one interactive display’s sleek and elegant screen impressed both their employees and visitors, leading to a first-time client turning into a potential return client. Having a built-in Windows OPS allowed Denison to keep their files stored locally and securely, keeping all of the tools they could need at their fingertips.