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Elixir International School, India

Elixir International School, located in Bangalore, India, is on a mission to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers children to acquire knowledge, discover, challenge themselves, and explore. They want kids to learn how to work together, lead, express themselves, and expand their personal potential while nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem.


As a leading educational institution in India, Elixir International School needed an advanced technological solution in the form of an interactive classroom for the betterment of its students.  They wanted an interactive solution which would help the school carry out its mission in providing a joyful and empowering learning environment.

The school had been using outdated chalkboards and interactive whiteboards but found that these tools gave them too many problems with very few benefits. The cables connecting the projector setup to the screens and computers spanned across the classrooms and were important safety hazards.  On top of calibration issues, the images from the projector were often blocked by shadows, interrupting the class flow. Additionally, the maintenance cost was very high.


With the help of Newline, Elixir International School found the perfect solution to carry out their mission. A total of 8 Newline interactive displays were installed throughout the classrooms of the school with no additional devices necessary.

Thanks to the addition of the interactive displays, the school was able to adopt the latest and most advanced version of a smart classroom setup. With a dual system that runs both Windows and Android, teachers can switch between a simple, intuitive platform to quickly access all their preferred apps and classroom tools, and the familiar Windows OS for all the programs and functionalities available on a regular PC.


After installing the Newline interactive displays in various classrooms, teachers at Elixir International school have been able to incorporate e-book reading, digital lesson plan creation, video and image embedding and content annotation into every lesson. Classes are now much more engaging for the children, who can also take full advantage of these features.

The interactive display allows up to 20 points of simultaneous touch, meaning multiple students can work on the panel at the same time, which is very exciting for the children. It brings a whole new level of teamwork and interactive learning to the classroom.


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