Kanan International, India

Kanan International is one of the oldest, largest and most experienced foreign education consultants in Gujarat, India, with a prominent pan-India presence. Established in 1996, Kanan International has evolved from a small 120 sq. ft. office space in Vadodara to a sprawling 10,000 sq. ft. institute today. Kanan International has multiple offices across India for Visa Consultants and International Exams coaching. Kanan International has 20 years of rich coaching experience for various international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, SAT and GRE. This experience has helped Kanan International place students across 200 universities and colleges in USA and Canada.


Kanan International developed its own app and website for all subjects taught with related modules, tests and student queries. For classroom session recording, an important part of daily operations, Kanan uses its own proprietary application for maximum student engagement.

Kanan International had been using smart classroom technology, but with a traditional classroom setup of a whiteboard and projector. To provide better services, Kanan was looking for an innovative interactive display that could replace the outdated classroom setup. The company needed a solution that would be compatible with the proprietary app and make classroom recording simple but engaging.


Kanan International found the perfect solution to be the Newline I75 interactive display.

The I75 is an all-in-one interactive display to replace outdated projectors with Smart Classroom setups. Any educational space can be upgraded to a Smart Classroom with the help of the I75.

An I75 was installed at Kanan International with an on-board PC running on Windows 10. The all-in-one solution replaced the projector setup and greatly reduced maintenance costs by eliminating the need for projector lightbulbs, cables, a whiteboard, writing tools and a separate PC. The 4K resolution of the screen provides bright and clear images that can be seen from anywhere in the classroom without needing to turn off the lights and hurting the students’ eyes.


The Newline I75 interactive display is used daily in the Kanan International classroom, where students can experience truly engaging education and effectively learn different subjects. The wide range of features and interactivity of the I75 enhances student participation and makes lessons easier for the teachers.

With an on-board PC running on Windows 10, teachers can install all their favorite programs and work just the way they like. The I75 makes classroom preparation and management not only easier, but also more effective. With 20 points of simultaneous touch supported, multiple students can interact together or with the teacher on the display, boosting enthusiasm at every lesson and making education more creative.

“We have witnessed the beauty of the solution and it helps in active learning and creates a common experience. Whether it’s the teacher or a group of students presenting, the Newline I75 interactive display is very useful and a meaningful investment for us.” Mr. Sudhanshu, Project manager

Customer Profile

Name: Kanan International
Industry: Education
Country: India
Solution: I75