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Warsaw Primary School, Poland


This primary school in Warsaw, Poland was looking to improve their teaching methods and adapt to new technologies fit for modern-day education. The school wanted to introduce new, more intuitive solutions to give both teachers and students more engaging lessons and better quality education.


The school installed 6 VN Series interactive displays across its classrooms. The all-in-one solution from Newline wowed teachers and students alike with its ease of use and interactive nature.


With the Newline VN Series interactive displays, teachers can open the web browser with a single click and give classes with online material. They can easily annotate over any content or pull up the whiteboard feature without having to erase any progress. Students can interact with each other and the teacher on the display at the same time, encouraging teamwork and cooperation. Furthermore, teachers can open files and graphics for more engaging, interactive lessons, while being able to write and draw over everything.

Teachers and students alike are very pleased with the VN Series display.