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Sentry Insurance, USA

Sentry Insurance has provided insurance and protection for businesses, families, and individuals since 1905. Their goal is to provide quality insurance & financial services for all of their members.


Sentry Insurance planned to replace the displays in their conference rooms, but they needed a videoconferencing solution that would not limit their ability to use whatever programs they might need. Other options did not let the team run on a full version of Windows, which made it harder to use some programs. The team at Sentry wanted a device that included everything in one place, reducing the need for a complex setup of connecting systems.


The challenge was met with a TRUTOUCH X7 unified collaboration system in the Sentry Insurance main headquarters office. The X7s integrated 1080p wide-angle cameras and built-in 4-element microphone array allowed the team at Sentry Insurance the ability to communicate with their branches and departments with high quality video and clear audio. Paired with Skype for Business, collaboration and the built-in white boarding features of the TRUTOUCH X Series made it the all-in-one solution.


Because the TRUTOUCH X Series displays are designed for ease of use, employees at Sentry Insurance now walk in and immediately start collaborating in a meeting, reducing a need for time-consuming training. This allowed their entire team to quickly start and engage in more efficient internal meetings and video conferences.