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Qrenta Agency, Spain

Qrenta is a finance service provider based in Barcelona. Their main target is to help their customers to manage property and protect the heritage. Qrenta dedicates to offer premium services with active and dynamic distribution among different investment strategies.

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Qrenta needed a solution that could help them do the corporate presentations easier, videoconferencing was also essential for them to communicate among branch offices and their clients alike. They surveyed several possible systems but most of them were over budget.


Newline’s 70-inch collaboration display, TRUTOUCH X7 was placed on a floor stand in their business headquarters. The built-in Windows PC allows the team to install their preferred UC software Zoom to conduct videoconference with other offices. Everything they need for videoconferencing is already integrated in a single touch display, including two 1080p cameras, microphones with echo cancellation and noise deduction, and powerful speakers. With the floor stand, it is easier to move around the display, and that helps to increase flexibility.


Qrenta uses the TRUTOUCH X7 for corporative presentations. During the presentation, the speaker could take notes on files, annotate over any documents, and screenshot the images. The appealing touch display enhance the meeting by catching audience attention through out the meeting. Also, the team in Qrenta are able to quickly start a videoconference with other offices without complicated pre-setup.