ARCOS, Spain

Arcos Hermanos is the first Spanish knife business to experience great international expansion. In 1734, the scissors manufactured by Juan de Arcos marked the beginning of the company. In 1875, Gregorio Arcos transformed his small artisan workshop for knife, scissor and dagger crafting into a mass production factory of knives. A century later, Gregorio Arcos Villanueva pushed for international growth.


The large amount of internal and external meetings led the company to look for a more agile and flexible system that would allow them to a carry any kind of meetings, both face-to-face and online. Arcos knew that overhead projectors had become obsolete, so they were looking for a multifunctional device that would make it easy for employees to carry out their daily tasks in an easy, modern and intuitive way.


After taking a look at different options across the market, Arcos chose the Newline X Series X9 interactive display due to its ease of use, diverse connectivity to any kind of device and operating system, and because it offered an all-in-one solution that makes it easy for people who are not familiar with new technology to use. Arcos found that with only ten minutes of training, any person would be able to give a presentation, use the integrated whiteboard or start a conference call.


Arcos installed the Newline X9 display in its main meeting room. The decision to install this kind of screen has been welcomed by all the managers of the company. Meetings are carried out almost every day and the X9 display has become a key element.

Most of the attendees join the meetings with their own devices (tablets and laptops) and connect wirelessly to the display within seconds thanks to the integrated casting application, Newline Cast.

Customer Profile

Industry: Corporate
Country: Spain
Solution: X Series