AJE Madrid is a business association that fosters talent in young entrepreneurs. AJE helps its partners create and strengthen their companies by providing necessary technical, human and logistical means. In this way, AJE fosters a new entrepreneurial and innovative culture.


AJE Madrid has a coworking space, some offices, training and meeting rooms, and open spaces for collaboration. Up until now, AJE was using a screen with a projector setup in their open space for events that couldn’t be moved to other collaborative spaces in their office. A multifunctional device that they could use in the different spaces of their building was what they were lacking to complete their offer.


AJE found the VN65 Newline interactive display to be the perfect solution. AJE can use the VN65 touch screen of 65” in their event space as well as any other room. This interactive display is a multifunctional device that allows AJE to interact with the audience of their events, or in meetings and presentations. Furthermore, its intuitive nature makes it possible for the display to be used by anyone, whether it’s AJE employees or employees of the companies that hold events at AJE.


AJE Madrid now has a solution that offers a broad range of opportunities in any space. Employees and clients alike use this device frequently and got used to it easily since the very first moment, using their own devices and those integrated in the on-board OPS PC included in the display.

AJE has found in this Newline interactive display a multifunctional solution that covers all their needs and allows them to enrich their work and those associated with their visitors.

Customer Profile

Industry: Coworking Spaces
Country: Spain
Solution: TRUTOUCH series