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An Amazing Online Whiteboard for Teaching is a free online interactive whiteboard that is designed for teaching. Teachers around the world use this Amazing Online Whiteboard to create interactive sessions with their students. Teachers have told us multiple times that it brings life back into online learning.

The Whiteboard’s main feature is the ability of teacher to observe and interact with the students.

  • The Teacher can go to the grid view, see what the students are doing.
  • Teacher can join student’s individual boards to work 1:1 with them.
  • Students can collaborate with each other once the teacher creates groups
The teacher watches students.
Watch the whole class can be used to see *all* student’s work at the same time even when the class is hybrid or in-person. The Teacher is omnipresent and can look over each student’s shoulder at once.

The whiteboard has over 200 different teacher designed widgets and gizmos. The Teachers can use the gizmos and active widgets to make the lesson more interesting. contains everything from Math Manipulatives to an inline Piano and Xylophone.

Whiteboard Manipulatives, Gizmos for Teaching

There are also tools to make digital escape rooms, play learning bingo, currencies, alphabets, break down manipulatives.

There are a lot of background images and grids available, from graph paper to your own photos. We keep adding more and more content to the whiteboard everyday.

Also there are features for timers, students to raise their hands, exit tickets. It can get a little overwhelming in the start. That is why we have a “starter mode” in the gear setting in the top right. Once you enable the starter mode, you can ease into the program. Also note that student’s do not see all the tools that are available to the teacher.

We keep adding new and seasonal stuff to the whiteboard. If there is something missing please contact us at and we would be happy to add it for you.

You may benefit from our Getting Started with Whiteboard.Chat guide and create your first board at, an online interactive whiteboard designed for teaching!