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Pannai School, India

Located in India, the school stands for the motto ”we can do it” and work towards the enrichment of the students, This motto instills the mind of the children with self-motivation, dedication, moral attributes spiritual   insight and love for the human kind and lives of the world.


    • Need to inculcate the habit of learning technological skill sets at a young age.
    • Need to foster the habit of teamwork among children.
    • Need to help children practice their reading, writing and listening skills in a more immersive way.


Newline’s TRUTOUCH IB series 55” interactive displays are installed in the classrooms.

    • Children can make use of the various apps on Newline Displays to learn their lessons in a more interactive way.
    • Annotation features with color grading helps children to practice their writing skills and identify and learn colors and shapes etc.
    • Develops a sense of teamwork among children whole solving puzzles and riddles on the display together.


TRUTOUCH interactive displays allow kindergartens to help children to gain knowledge through technology.

“Newline’s IB 55” TRUTOUCH Interactive Display has simplified our classroom dynamics by incorporating children specific apps to develop their cognitive skills in a more practical way. Children can also improve their writing skills using the on-board annotation facilities. Newline displays have also enabled our children to gain a first-hand experience of technology in a simple and intuitive way.” -Correspondent, Mr. Santhosh