Teach Infinity II

A comprehensive interactive software for teachers and educators

Engage your students with an intuitive, easy-to-use education software made to enhance learning in any subject.

Fit for any subject

Teach Infinity II adapts to any discipline and enhances every lesson plan. Pick from a selection of grids, lined pages, staff paper, and many more backgrounds or use your own. 

Editable tools for any lesson

Choose from a large list of editable tools for math, physics and chemistry to enhance everyday interactive learning, right on your document or background of choice. Use 3D tools, a built-in calculator, rulers, compasses and more, all within Teach Infinity II.

Intuitive writing tools

Enjoy a variety of smart pens for greater productivity. The intelligent pen recognizes your handwriting and straightens both words and shapes. The gesture pen lets you move back and forth between pages with a simple gesture.

Work on your files your way

Import your files to work on them with Teach Infinity II. Write over them, highlight key areas, cover areas needed later, and more. Insert photos and videos, screenshot them, and work over the screenshot while the video continues to play. When you’re done, simply export the work into your file format of choice.

Ready to engage your students?