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Victor Valley College, USA

Victor Valley Community College in southern California brings diverse communities together to learn. VCC strives for collaboration and innovation to cultivate intellectual growth and create lifelong learning skills.


Classrooms in Victor Valley Community College needed a large presentation display for teaching. While researching the options, all of the proprietary designs would limit their teacher’s ability to use any software or connect any type of device they might want to use. Faculty and staff also wanted a device that would make video conferencing with experts all over the world better and easier than ever.


Several TRUTOUCH UB interactive displays were introduced in classrooms across campus. Each TRUTOUCH UB display comes in stunning ultra-high definition (4K), bringing presentations and lessons to life in vivid detail. Non-proprietary and ease of use are the base of all TRUTOUCH displays, allowing anyone to connect to the display using their software and hardware of choice.

A TRUTOUCH X Series display was also purchased for the administration office. The TRUTOUCH X Series display features built-in 1080p cameras on the front of the bottom of the display. A 4-element microphone array provides clear audio with echo-canceling and noise reduction technology.


Victor Valley Community College faculty, staff, and students have been very happy using the TRUTOUCH in their classrooms. TRUTOUCH has given VCC a platform for learning that goes beyond whiteboards and projectors, giving students a way to directly interact with lessons. Students collaborate better with the vibrant, bright displays, navigating the TRUTOUCH easily and intuitively. Video conferencing on the TRUTOUCH X Series was effortless and smooth, providing quality audio and video no matter what meeting software was used.