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Zipcar, USA

Car-sharing Zipcar giant has become the leader for cars on demand. Their goal is redefining the way people think about alternative transportation by providing the best service and encouraging organizations to make conscious decisions about the future.


Zipcar prides itself on being an innovative solution for those looking for alternative transportation. In turn, they needed an innovative solution to help their team collaborate more efficiently. Their own solution for their headquarters office needed to be as easy to use as their service, and open ended enough in order to whatever programs the team might need, from Skype for Business to Adobe PDF Reader to the whole Microsoft Suite.


Multiple TRUTOUCH X5 unified collaboration systems were recommended for their headquarters. The non-proprietary nature of the TRUTOUCH X Series allowed the Zipcar team to quickly switch between a variety of programs with ease. The built-in video conferencing hardware, such as 1080p wide angle cameras and noise cancelling microphones, made using Skype of Business and other programs easy while providing constantly clear picture and sound.


The team at Zipcar found using the TRUTOUCH X5 as interactive display was so easy, they needed no training before being able to effectively integrate the display into their meetings. The quality of their videoconferencing allowed each office to talk to each other and their company partners clearly. Having a multi-touch display also allowed for easier collaboration between both their headquarters team and their partners. Zipcar saw such success, they are adding more units to multiple locations as they grow.