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BNI, Vietnam

BNI Vietnam is a business association located in Ho Chi Minh City. It was established in 2010 and has grown to employ 3,116 members.


BNI staff usually hold meetings, training courses and other events where interactive tools for presentation and collaboration are required. Up until recently, BNI had been using an outdated projector and interactive whiteboard setup, which was hooked up to external speakers and a sound amplifier, among other peripherals.

As it is comprised of many components, this setup is costly to maintain and needs to be constantly managed. It takes a lot of time from the IT manager, who always must identify the point of failure before being able to fix anything whenever there is a problem. The amount of cables necessary to connect the entire setup is inconvenient and creates a messy and dangerous environment. Additionally, as the brightness of the projector is not strong enough, the lights must always be turned off during meetings and other events in order for the content to be seen clearly.

Given all these reasons, BNI Vietnam was looking for an all-in-one interactive collaboration solution which would easily solve their problems.


BNI Vietnam found the Newline VN Series interactive display in 65” and 75” to be the perfect solution to their problems.

The VN Series was installed in the company ballroom for events and training sessions. The VN Series is an all-in one solution which makes work effective for everyone at BNI Vietnam.

An external camera allows the VN Series to be used for engaging video conferences. Newline Cast enables wireless casting, letting users share their personal device screens for seamless collaboration. The built-in whiteboard is used daily for in-depth discussions during meetings. Staff can also annotate over any content with a single click, ensuring that productive conversations are never interrupted.

Compared to their previous projector setup, the Newline interactive display is a much better solution with an incredibly bright display. With Optical Bonding technology, the VN Series screen can be seen clearly from anywhere in the room without having to turn off the light or worrying about reflections. Being an all-in-one solution, the maintenance costs have been cut greatly, and all events run much more smoothly.


BNI staff has been thoroughly enjoying the Newline VN Series interactive display. All BNI members use the VN Series for meeting, training courses, and all other company events. The Newline display facilitates intuitive annotation, enables smooth video conferences, and makes presentations more engaging and interactive than ever before.

One BNI member, a managing director, experienced the Newline VN Series display and commented that it’s much better than a projector setup. He was delighted by its powerful brightness, annotation speed, and the all-in-one integrated solution. Every meeting, training course and event instantly becomes more efficient and time-saving with the Newline display.