Jakarta City Hall, Indonesia

Jakarta City Hall, Indonesia

Jakarta City Hall is the seat of the Jakarta City government, the capital of Indonesia. The City Hall complex includes the office of the governor and the vice governor of Jakarta, as well as the main administrative office.

Jakarta City Hall recently launched a new command center from which officials monitor the entire city through massive LED screens hooked up to the city’s CCTV cameras. This is called the Smart City Jakarta HQ, and the government wants citizens to come and have a look.


The primary function of the Smart City Jakarta command center is to monitor and respond to citizen feedback coming through emails, social media, and the city’s complaints app, Qlue. Officials respond to some citizens directly, but other reports must be sent to external agencies for resolution.

In the future, the goal is for the command center to become a hub for emergency responses. Officials will be able to monitor all vital statistics from the room, getting data from agencies across the city. The command center also needs to ensure they are able to monitor the safety of the city 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using the most advanced technology is essential to accomplish this goal and become a truly efficient Smart City.

The Smart City Jakarta HQ wanted to upgrade its conference and meeting rooms from the current outdated projector setup to a more innovative and powerful solution. For emergency cases in need of quick and efficient meetings, the organization was looking for a simple-to-use solution which would have all necessary features built into a single device. Prospective users wanted to have two different operating systems on the device, video conferencing capabilities, wireless casting capabilities, and central management capabilities for all of the devices.


Smart City Jakarta found the Newline X Series interactive display to be the perfect solution for all its needs. The organization chose the X9, a powerful all-in-one unified collaboration solution in 86”.

The Newline X Series comes with a dual system which allows users to work with the built-in whiteboard during meeting and discussions on the smart Android system. Users are able to annotate over any content outside of the whiteboard as well, facilitating in-depth discussion at any time without interrupting the flow. A single click takes users to the Windows system, where any Windows application can be downloaded and used as seamlessly as one would on a computer.

The Newline X Series interactive display is used as a platform for emergency discussions, which greatly helps the staff at the Smart City Jakarta HQ. When the CCTV captures a traffic accident, it then transfers the captured image to the Newline display, where the team discusses the solution.

Management can easily use the X9 to conduct video conferencing calls right on the display without having to bring any laptops with them. Most importantly, the IT Admin Manager can centrally manage all the Newline displays from the comfort of his desk, maximizing efficiency and productivity for all.


Meetings and discussions have become so much easier for everyone at the Smart City Jakarta HQ thanks to the Newline X Series interactive display. For discussions, users find that the intelligent Object Recognition on the built-in whiteboard makes whiteboarding a lot easier and more intuitive. Proprietary pens are not necessary to write on the display, which makes discussion simple and convenient for all.

For video and audio conferencing, the powerful speakers of the X Series allow a room of more than 25 people to hear the audio loud and clear. Built-in cameras with angle-adjusting capabilities not only allow a full meeting room to be clearly captured on the screen, but they also let a small group of people to be seen more closely for more personal meetings. Additionally, the embedded microphone array with noise reduction and echo cancellation picks up voices clearly from anywhere in the room.

The X Series also features Optical Bonding, which brings the visual experience to another level. With an ultra-wide viewing angle and reduced reflection, attendees can see the 86” X9 clearly from all the way back in the room.

Furthermore, Newline Cast enables everyone to cast their personal device screens onto the display wirelessly and effortlessly. Content can also be shared, as well as files and links for other attendees to access. Newline Display Management allows the IT Manager to centrally control and manage all the Newline displays in the building, which makes his job much easier and productive. Emergency messages can instantly be broadcasted to all displays, and remote assistance can be given without the IT Manager having to leave his desk.

“We thought it was just a big all-in-one PC or TV. We didn’t know this so-called gigantic display could do so much. It has clearly improved the way we work at our Smart City Jakarta HQ.” -IT Head