Mejora tu Ciudad, Spain

Mejora tu Ciudad is a platform that facilitates communication between governments and citizens. It gathers data from the city and provides statistics that help governmental bodies be more aware of their costs, identify areas of improvement, and make accurate decisions. The company has clients in both Spain and Latin America.


Mejora tu Ciudad had been using an outdated projector and whiteboard setup to conduct all of the meetings that took place in the organization. Presentations were displayed through the projector, while notes had to be taken separately on the whiteboard, interrupting the flow.

The company needed an innovative interactive device that would help them replace the outdated whiteboard and projector setup. Mejora tu Ciudad wanted to enable collaboration among employees and clients in a more dynamic and productive way.


Mejora tu Ciudad found the perfect solution in the Newline VN Series interactive display. The company installed the Newline display in 65″ in their meeting room, where it is used for meetings, discussions and presentations. Out of all the options they had considered, Newline offered the best range of collaborative features and interactive capabilities.

With responsive touch technology, users can enjoy a smooth writing experience when whiteboarding and annotating over content. The display also features 4K UHD resolution and Optical Bonding, which means meeting attendees see the content clearly no matter where they sit in the room. Additionally, the non-proprietary nature of Newline displays means everyone can connect to the VN Series, no matter what device or operating system they are using.


With the VN Series and the improved collaboration it enables, Mejora tu Ciudad can provide better, more accurate service to its clients. The VN Series display functionalities allow company members to better understand the information they are working with, make more informed decisions, and be more precise in all of their tasks.

Daily activities are carried out with a lot more ease, as the VN Series makes meetings and discussions incredibly productive, engaging and efficient. Now, Mejora tu Ciudad can easily showcase the strength of their platform, view surveys on the big screen, and test app improvements directly from the display.

Customer Profile

Name: Mejora tu Ciudad
Industry: Corporate
Country: Spain
Solution: VN Series